apple1Why do we love to play poker?

At one point in our lives, someone caputured our interest in the game. Perhaps it was a family member who was teaching you numbers when you were very young, or it was a social game with a gruop of friends or family. Either way, you loved the game enough to hang onto it as a hobby or a the lifetime of learning peeked your interest. What we know is there are a great many people in the world who have never played the game at all or have misconceptions about what the game can do for them.

Some people will never pick up a deck of cards because they think it's a form of gambling. We want to share the game in it's most basic form... as if it were a game of checkers or chess. The difference? When played well, it can be a form of potential income!

WPA believes we can make a difference in the number of women who play, and grow the game we love, simply by exposing more women to poker. How fun to gather a group of women together who play bingo or golf? Or how about a sorority? Your neighbors? The slot players in the casinos?  

WPA Member Patty Yamano EdD created a cirriculm to offer basic lessons to women who want to learn.  We welcome you to help us teach our WPA Start Up program where you live!