16 August 2019
Written by: Lupe Soto

ChinaPokerGamestransAsia, and most excitedly, China is one of the strongest emerging markets in poker.  Women's Poker Association welomes the partnership with China Poker Games (CPG) to help open the WPA Asia Region. 

On Saturday, August 24th, WPA will host the Ladies event of the CPG Championship series. This event has been gaining popularity and women in past events have had great success in many of the open events. The CPG Championship is DEFINITELY a destination series!  For all of you who enjoy traveling for poker, this is a MUST DO stop. 

WPA Advocates are attending the series and are available to answer any questions for the women who play. Be sure to stop in and say hi and bring your friends to register for their free WPA Membership too!

 China Poker Games

15 July 2019
Written by: Lupe Soto

Battled hard for 9 months playing in my Vegas HORSE League to win one of the coveted seats in the 2019 WSOP Series.  I love my league. It is filled with some of the best mixed game players in Vegas. So to win a seat? It felt great! The rules are, should you win a seat you must play one of  the mixed games offered in the schedule.  I was 3rd place in my league which afforded me the chance to play in the $3k HORSE buy in.  I was THRILLED! I would never pay that kind of money to enter a tournament unless I won my way.  

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28 April 2018
Written by: LoriAnn-Persinger

These articles will mainly feature female poker players and personalities and places to play, with the primary focus being on tournaments. I am based in southern California but would love to cover people and places from all over, so please feel free to reach out to me if you think there is someone or something worth writing about.

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