WPA Celebrates 2019 GPI Female Players of the Year


What a year for women in poker. Almost on a weekly basis we hear of a women’s poker success somewhere in the world. Women’s Poker Association couldn’t be prouder of these women!

Global Poker Index, GPI hosts the stats for Player of the Year for all poker festivals. Most recently, they announced the 2019 GPI Female Player of the Year, Kristen Bicknell. Well, Kristen is a ROCK STAR! She has won the title three years in a row. So incredible! Please take a moment to read the Poker News article on Kristen here.

kristen bicknell wsop 696x365What many people don’t know is there are 67 Countries with FEMALE PLAYER OF THE YEAR! We would like to feature them here. We have listed all the countries with a winner. Many countries only have ONE WOMAN who qualified with points. And many countries do not have any winners at all. 

We have tried to include as many POY winner’s photos as possible, but there are some with none. We also listed the runner ups – up to the top ten.

WPA has a Player of the Year program which launched for 2019 for LADIES ONLY EVENTS in North America. (Canada, Mexico and United States) which will announce our winner soon. The International WPA Player of the Year program is being designed now and will launch soon as well. But for now, we’re going to celebrate all the women around the world who have achieved their countries GPI Player of the Year.

Congratulations ladies from your Women’s Poker Association!

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