Angela Averett

Vinings, GA

Angela AverettI grew up playing penny poker on the kitchen table with my parents and my brother, as a young child and have really loved card games ever since.   I am fascinated by the mental challenge in the game of Texas Hold ‘Em.

Unfortunately, there’s no legalized gambling in Georgia, where I live, per se, so in order to play poker I have learned playing free “bar poker” just for fun here in Atlanta.  That in itself is a whole different animal!  My experience grew as I began to travel to play poker with friends to North Carolina, Louisiana and Las Vegas.

Most of my experience is in cash games at casinos, but recently, over the past two years I’ve been playing tournament poker with the great ladies of the WPA & LIPS and enjoying every minute of it.  I am a strong advocate for women in poker and with consistent practice, excellent coaching and fun playing, I will only improve with time.  I am so very grateful to have been in the right place at the right time and become a founding member of WPA and now an Advocate. I love these ladies and will do all I can to represent and advocate throughout my poker journey.