Melanie Wynter

Charlotte, NC

MelanieWynterI didn't learn to play poker until I was in my early 30's and I loved it. The very first time I went out and played poker at a bar (a points league tourney), I got a ROYAL FLUSH! No one told me that I wouldn't get another one for MANY years! I started with the points leagues and won a trip to Vegas and a couple of trips to Atlantic City and I was hooked! I soon moved into (back room) cash games which I loved even more.

The cash games in my town have dried up a bit and I am looking forward to starting to travel and play bigger tournaments. Bigger tourneys for me is still under a $1000. My biggest goal is of course to play in the WSOP. Every year my husband and I watch ALL the WSOP coverage we can get. *Which thanks to PokerGo TV is too much! We are entrepreneurs who work from home, except for the weeks that the WSOP is on and then we spend hours a day watching ALL the coverage and do not get anything done!

Speaking of my husband - I say that I won him in a poker tournament when asked how we met. At the very same 1st poker tourney that I got the royal flush, I met him as well. I had so many chips and I didn't know how to get them to the next table and he kindly offered me his baseball cap to put them in. (14 years ago!) So a husband and a Royal Flush, I need one of the GTO players to figure out those odds!

Owners of a used book store owner from Charlotte, NC.  In her spare time she enjoys reading, traveling, and playing poker.