Bonnie Weitzel

Texarkana, TX

bonnieweitzelI was raised in a home of poker enthusiasts, where poker was played around the clock beginning on Friday, until time for work on Monday. Learning how to deal and also learning all the poker hands at a tender age of 5! It wasn’t until 2007 or so, when my late husband read some books on Texas Hold’em and decided to play a tournament in Shreveport, LA. So that weekend, we went on Friday to stay the night, so he could play the Saturday morning tournament. To my surprise, there was a ladies tournament that Friday night, and he entered me into it. It turned out to be a LIPS event (something I’d never heard of until then). Luck was on my side and I won the tournament! However, I wasn’t completely consumed by the game.

Fast forward to 2012 when I met who is now my current husband and his love for the game, got me hooked!!! In 2012, I won the WSOP Ladies event in Shreveport. I’ve cashed a lot of events since then, but my most cherished two were when my husband and I won the WSOP Jack and Jill event in Choctaw and then when both of us final tabled at the Aria chopping for 1st and 2nd. Texas Hold’em is something we both enjoy and can do together. In 2019, I became a proud Ambassador of the WPA!