Lenor Ryan

Hollywood, FL

lenorryanI enjoy playing poker and the experience I have had in ladies poker touraments has been lots of fun. I think it is funny when I am playing in a tournament and all the men at the table seem to think they have to tell me how to play who evaluate the bets I have made or if I make a bluff how wrong it is even if I win the pot.

I have played poker for many years starting as a young teen playing poker with my Grandmother's poker home leage with ladies who all played with just pennies and nickels. Every other Friday, my Dad would give me a roll of nickels and one roll of pennies and that was my allowance and I could play with them. This was valuable time as I spent with my Grandmother and her friends, as they aged quickly my Dad and I changed to large size cards and large size chips. So many of these nights I still remember.

When the Hard Rock opened in Hollywood Florida about 20 years ago, I started playing again. I learned quickly how the Hard Rock targeted the men to play this and I would go in and try my best not to be intimidated to play. As a mother of two I played in the smaller buy in tournaments but I would win some and then sattelites became my main source to gain entry into larger touraments.

As a marketing director I love to contribute my time to the Jeff Conine Poker Tournament which goes to a wonderful cause and then three years ago the Charity Series of Poker join our efforts and with Tony Burns becoming the Tournament director at the Hard Rock it has elevated this tournament to one of the most successful ones in South Florida.

I would love to help encourage more women to play poker at the casinos. Currently, I do play in a home leage and there are 5 other ladies who play but they have been intimindated at the poker table with men and I have a hard time getting them to go back. So we need to get more representation and win many more tournaments! I may not be the one to serve as your advocate, but I would love to help and pitch in with this person.