Terry Hatcher

terryhatcherPflugerville, Texas

I’m Terry Hatcher, originally from Montreal and living in Texas for the last 20 years.  I started playing cards in my teens around my French Canadian family, we played mostly for nickels and quarters, we laughed, we played, they drank and I took advantage of it, easy money!

 I’ve always had a competitive edge to my personality, I was female athlete of the year in high school, and I played on numerous sports teams.  For the last 10 years I’ve been training horses.  My body doesn’t want to move like that anymore, that’s why my new sport is playing poker.

Poker started back in 2014, I won a carnival cruise tournament, then I was invited to a WPT seminar, I walked out of the seminar, into the Rio and played my first big tournament, the $1,000 senior event, was given 3,000 chips, 4600 opponents and came in 39th place for 12K. That feeling was one I hadn’t felt in a very long time.  I got the bug!

I’m passionate about ladies poker, I’ve been co- hosting the “Austin Poker Hotties” for a few years now and have 3 consecutive titles.  I’ve been hosting a Friday night mix league that is coming to an end after many years.

I recently took a part time job as a Tournament Director at a local card club and I’m in charge of all their ladies events, putting my TDA license to use.  My last child turns 16, she’s driving and I now am starting to have the freedom I need to play larger tournaments. Watch out here I come!