Teresa Lammie

Memphis, TN

 teresaI got taught how to play poker at a young age with my father and joined a bar league after college during the Moneymaker Boom. That is where the strategy and love for the game really started to click with me. I have a passion for poker because it’s a game that we can spend a lifetime mastering and I love a challenge and it’s one of the only social and competitive sports that brings ALL walks of life together.

I have met so many people through the game that I would not have otherwise had the opportunity and we need more women in this field who feel confident and empowered to get in the game!

Professionally, I was tired of working for someone else after I completed my MBA and started up a bar poker league in Memphis called River Rat Rounders in 2012. We work symbiotically with Horseshoe Tunica which puts us in a position to get our players comfortable in a casino setting. We’ve even had a few pros come out of our league and proud to say that we had a league member cash in every single Circuit Ring Event when it was in town!

My favorite hand is pocket 4s because I won my first tournament with it and my lucky hand is J8 suited because it’s sneaky!