Geri Gaber

Southington, CT

 geriAs a Grandmother of 4 young boys, 2 sons, a daughter and a husband of 40 years who understands me, I try to have the most fun I can.  A lifelong resident of Connecticut, and I work the administration end of my husband’s business, but the benefit is I can go join the group, when I want.  His motto is “what happens in Vegas or poker, stays in Vegas”.   But I can’t help rattling on for the next week all my escapades.

 I seem to be the eternal bridesmaid of poker, either being 2nd or at the final table, but its ok with me as I have gotten what I have gone for.   My goal is to enjoy myself.  I love the bantering whether its mental or verbal.  I so look forward to Ladies events as a social event and if I can win some money or maybe one of those trophy’s I have seen, is awesome. 

 I love encouraging other women to play poker.  I have early on spent many hours leaning over a railing just watching like a kid at the window of a candy store.  But the men always looked so grouchy I would not walk in.  I am now so excited when there are other women at the table with me.  Its getting more and more every day as should be.   As a WPA Advocate I hope to do what I can to help that.