Donna Blevins

Orlando, FL

DonnaBlevins headshot 300dpi 600pxDonna Blevins, PhD, is transparent and openly shares how you can shift your mindset in an instant! Dr. Donna is a high-profile successful entrepreneur, who could have lost everything in one life-shattering moment. Instead, she found the keys to controlling her mind and body. Instantly, she geared up and tested the limits of her mindshifting exercises and proved they worked.

With her roots in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, Donna grew up in a coal mining camp, and ‘grow UP’ she did to a towering 6’5”. She brings a down-to-earth humorous approach to her writing, speaking and coaching, and today she stands out as the Poker MindSet Coach and is lovingly called “The Big Girl of Poker”.

While moving from poverty to prosperity, Donna lost more often than she won. Even though it’s admittedly more fun to win, Donna candidly shares her intimate story of turning losses into wins by accessing the wisdom within those mistakes.

Donna built her self-confidence over time rather than submit to low self-esteem that comes from “just not fitting in” or losing. She learned how and now she speeds up the process and will teach you how to kickstart your mindset and shift.

Along with mindshift coaching in all walks of life, Donna’s expertise has crossed over and aids Wounded Warriors with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury.

Her skillset broadens her mindshift coaching to include business people, college graduates as well as people dealing with midlife crises, retirees and poker players. Donna believes that controlling your mindset is the biggest challenge most people experience regardless of age.