Mary Darnell

Crawfordville, FL

 marydarnell2012 LIPS FLA STATE POKER CHAMP. Going heads up with Linda Johnson for the win where it was then I joined LIPS.

Majoring in Behavioral Psychology, through many trials and tribulations managed to climb to 3rd place on the 100k guaranteed big blind anti roll out this past July at Best Bet in Jax.

“ I have played and cashed in many many tournaments too many too count but this 3rd place finish was my most satisfying so far; I never paid more attention to detail in all my time playing as I did that tournament from the start of the tourney to the very end..... I was definitely in my zone “ “ Your only as good as your last win, but every touch matters and that is what leaves a longer lasting impression that your actually remembered by..... “

Home Base is Creek Entertainment Gretna in North Florida. From Crawfordville Florida.