Jennifer Mrkvicka

Clinton, MD

Jennifer MrkvickaBeen working in poker since 2005. My marriage ended and I gave up a career in law enforcement, my hometown of Aurora, Illinois and started my life over again in Las Vegas. I became a poker dealer at the start of the "boom". Like I try to do with all things, I worked hard to excel as a dealer and people took notice. Soon I was a dual rate, a dealer coordinator, all the way to shift manager on the strip. I worked several WSOP's, WPT's, HPO's, CardPlayer Cruises, etc. I have traveled from the west coast to the east coast and parts of Mexico all because of poker. I decided it was time for a challenge, and a change, so I moved to right outside Washington D.C. to go to work for MGM National Harbor. I somehow always missed working for that company in Vegas, but it was the appeal to work for Johnny Grooms that got me excited to relocate yet AGAIN. My amazing fiancee, Jesse Boutin, and our beautiful, but sassy, Eviecat now all happily reside in Maryland. I have worked at National Harbor since March of 2018 and currently I am an assistant poker room shift manger in the largest poker room in the area. I am honored and humbled by the career poker has given me and I am so eager to serve the WPA as an  advocate. I am a poker player as well so I understand both the player side and the management/rule side of the poker community.

When I started in poker there were very few women wearing suits, things have changed a lot since then but we still have room to grow. I am happy and humbled to be part of that change. Happy Poker Ladies!