Kittie Aleman

Riverside, CA

kittie1I have lived in Riverside, CA for about 23 years and have been married to the man of my dreams for 26.  Mark and I both share a passion for poker.  I am a very outgoing person and enjoy meeting new people and learning about their life experiences.

 I learned to play poker when I was a kid. My mom was a single mom and invited all the neighborhood kids over to play small stakes poker.  We would play for pennies.  Back then it was 7 card stud.  I have been playing Hold Em for about 16 years now…Poker is definitely a passion in my life.  There are so many real life lessons to be learned at the poker table.

I am a cash game player more than a tournament player.   I have the perspective from both experiences.  I am very passionate about bringing more women into poker and making this game a great experience for all.   One of my goals is to get more women to play in the cash arena.  I often get a response from women that it is too scary to play cash and I want to change that.  

I am the SoCal Regional Director for LIPS Tour and I enjoy providing fun opportunities for ladies to learn and play poker.  My favorite thing at events is to make ladies feel comfortable, have lots of fun and feel like the champions that they all are!!!     I also am the SoCal Ambassador for AnteUp magazine and have been since 2010.   I have made so many wonderful friends in my poker experiences and directly through LIPS. 

Outside of poker I love to travel.  Music is another passion of mine and I have a very eclectic range of what I like.  Country, Metal, 80’s hair bands, 50’s, 60’s…..